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June 1 - a holiday of childhood!

Children are our future! This motto emphasizes the importance of protecting children, since our future depends on their physical and mental development and education of our children.

Almost all over the world, International Children's Day is celebrated every June 1. This day was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International Democratic Women's Federation, and it was first celebrated in 1950.

In Khujand all children and adults participate in the celebration of this day. Music sounds are heard everywhere, the streets are decorated with holiday flags and banners, and all the children are dressed up and they go to the city park, where festivities and concerts will be held.

MDO Arvand and MCF MicroInvest again jointly organized a festive event in Gymnasium No. 1 in Gafurov town, in which more than 100 schoolchildren actively participated. The festive event consisted of several competitions:

  • competition for middle classes "Drawing on asphalt"
  • competition "The best master of hand-made product"
  • quiz for high school students on ecology
  • quiz for high school students on financial literacy

All these competitions were prepared by the organizers and schoolchildren actively participated in them. Especially children with great diligence and imagination drew drawings on asphalt, told about their drawing and hand-made product. Senior students also demonstrated good knowledge of ecology and financial literacy.

At the end of the event, participants and winners of the competitions were presented with memorable gifts from organizers. Also, 4 orphans of this school received good gifts from the organizers.

As a result, the holiday was a success and joy of the children was endless!

The school management thanked the organizers of the holiday. Representatives of MDO Arvand and MCF MicroInvest also congratulated all participants of the event and wished all children a peaceful sky over their heads, health and bright future!

We remind that this festive event will be broadcast on the TV channel Diyor in the coming days.

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