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Financial Literacy is a key to financial stability of the population

Financial literacy is important as never before in times of financial and economic crisis. After all, financially literate and competent people can wisely plan, spend and save own finances and by thus ensure financial stability for themselves and their family. Often, it is the lack of financial literacy skills in people entails their financial instability and vulnerability to financial crises.

Therefore, at the beginning of the year the MicroInvest MCF in partnership with MDO Arvand set a goal to increase the level of financial literacy of the population of Sughd region through training and seminars on financial literacy by outreaching 1200 people.

It should be noted that this goal has been achieved and overachieved by joint efforts.

Thus, the outgoing year MicroInvest MCF is celebrating with good results achieved in 2016, namely:

  • Trainings on financial literacy by covering1328 people in Sughd region in partnership with MDO Arvand.
  •  Global Money Week is celebrated annually on the second week of March, which is initiated annually by Child and Youth Finance International and is supported all over the world by more than 500 organizations worldwide. 195 people from among students actively participated this year in financial literacy trainings of MicroInvest MCF.
  • Conducting informational meetings for rural women and girls on "Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship" (20 people)
  • Training for rural youth on "Financial Literacy" and "Entrepreneurship" (20 people)
  • Implementation of the action dedicated to the International Children's Day in partnership with MDO Arvand, Sughd TV and the insurance company BIMA at lyceum №1 in Khujand. The event gathered almost 100 people. Middle school children drew on the asphalt on the theme "I love ..."., high school students participated in the quiz "Young Economists", during which the students demonstrated their knowledge in the economics, and also played in the game "Frenzy Money", during which they have learned to wisely spend and do savings to achieve their financial plans. Also, a joint TV Program of BIMA, Arvand and MicroInvest on "Financial literacy and why it’s importance in times of crisis" was broadcast for several times at Sughd TV.
  • Together with the NGO Nav Nasli was held a roundtable on 17 UN SDGs (Goal#4) in the framework of Khujand evenings supported by AEAT and dvv international and with the participation of nearly 25 representatives of the three sectors- public sector, business sector and NGOs.
  • several workshops on "Savings and how to achieve financial stability" for the students of Tajik State University (35 persons) were held
  • was organized and equipped demo-plot with drip irrigation in partnership with MDO Arvand (SDG #7,12,13)
  • Workshop was held for schoolchildren on the theme "A reasonable and responsible consumption and saving" at the American Corner in Khujand (SDG# 4,12,13) ​​in October with the participation of more than 40 high school students. The aim of workshop to introduce  schoolchildren with practical methods of creative use and up- cycling or recycling of household plastic waste for the preservation of our environment.
  • Presentation on 17 UN SDGs was held at the American Corner in Khujand during the International Education Week in November with the participation of 38 high school students and university students in order to increase public awareness on SDGs.

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