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Arvand and MicroInvest: Support of women and girls is the best support of the society!

Support of women is one of the priority areas in the Sustainable Development Goals adopted at the summit of world leaders in the UN in 2015. As Ban Ki-moon emphasized at the presentation of the report "Women of the World- 2015", equal rights and opportunities for women are the goal of the UN by 2030.

In support of global goals and their implementation at the local level, for several years MDO Arvand and MCF MicroInvest as socially-oriented microfinance organizations have contributed to the development of society, especially in support of women and girls.

Starting in 2014, with the financial support of MDO Arvand, the project "Economic Promotion of Girls and Women from Vulnerable and Low-Income Families" was implemented by the PO Nasli Nav.

The purpose of the project: support and promotion of women in B. Gafurov district from low-income and vulnerable families - organization and conducting of short-term vocational courses, trainings and site visits.

It should be noted that since 2014 within the framework of this project more than 1000 girls and young women have become participants of the project and have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for employment and self-employment.

On June 8, 2017, the conclusion of 6th stage of the project took place in the building of MDO Arvand with the participation of representatives of partner organizations, SM-1 television and project beneficiaries. During the project period, about 95 girls and young women from Bobojon Gafurov district received the necessary skills and knowledge on financial literacy, business planning and product quality during training sessions. Short-term courses on sewing, knitting, computer literacy, beadwork and yurma were also organized with the involvement of experienced specialists. All trainings and short courses were provided to beneficiaries on a free of charge basis.

The ceremony was attended by the Director General of MDO Arvand - Sadykova Sh.M., who congratulated all the participants of this project and wished them to be active and use their skills and knowledge in life to improve the living conditions and economic advancement of the family.

The representative of the MCF Microinvest - Mirpochoeva N. also noted that the support of this project is especially relevant in the Year of Youth and promotes the empowerment of women and youth for the sustainable development of society.

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