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The secrets of successful digital communication on social networks

To celebrate Mass media month and Year of youth, Nasiba Mirpochoeva – Project Manager of MCF MicroInvest, alumna of Fulbright FLTA- 2006/7 was invited to the American Corner of Khujand to conduct a workshop on "How to make an effective post on social networks" for students.

22 students attended the workshop and were able to gain useful skills on how to engage more people in social networks to develop their leadership, businesses or projects.

By using interactive methods of teaching Nasiba was able to awake the interest of participants to the rules on effective posting. Then she asked them to split into 3 groups to discuss in a team and make a presentation on how to promote their brand or organization through social networks as well as how to create successful videos which will attract more people and help to solve social issues in their respective community.

Students were very eager to work in teams and made presentations to the group and got valuable advice from the presenter.

Students were impressed by the workshop and asked as many questions as possible to the speaker.

Nasiba made it clear to students that digital communication is a must skill for any person and particularly, any potential leader should be aware of digital communication tools as well as “do’s and don’ts” rules in social networks. By summarizing the key points of the workshop Nasiba asked students to share their main takeaways and then she wrapped up the workshop.

At the end of the workshop both the staff of American Corner in Khujand and students expressed their gratitude to the MCF MicroInvest and to the brilliant speaker Nasiba Mirpochoeva for the interesting workshop and presentation.

Results: During the month of social media and journalism, year of youth the given workshop on raising the youth awareness on digital communication and being effective while posting is very remarkable, as during the workshop the students gained skills and knowledge which they will be able to apply in their own personal and professional development.

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