2/2 N.Khuvaidulloev street, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan
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Social projects

CREATE Digiyouth Project

CREATE Digiyouth project implemented by MicroInvest MCF in Sughd region with the support of the US Embassy in Tajikistan

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Global Money Week

Global Money Week is a global campaign to raise awareness about finances among children and youth

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Success stories

ООО МДО «Арванд» выступил спонсором Чемпионата Республики Таджикистан по Каратэ-до и Годзю-рю. Чемпионат проходил в городе Кайраккуме 24-25 августа текущего года. Председатель Национальной Федерации Каратэ-до

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Financial education

Among the17th UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until 2030 a special place is given to the elimination of poverty, well-being, quality education, gender equality, economic growth, as well as partnership in the framework of sustainable development.

MCF «MicroInvest» demonstrates its social responsibility to the community and also supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by providing financial literacy trainings in order to reduce poverty among the population.

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Demonstration site on Drip irrigation System

Currently, humanity is facing with various crises like global warming, including environmental issues, as well as unsustainable use of natural resources, which ultimately led to the depletion of natural resources.

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