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Financial Literacy Trainings for Students and Pupils

MCF "MicroInvest" in partnership with MDO "Arvand" within the framework of social responsibility to the society and to improve the financial literacy of the population conducted trainings on financial literacy for pupils and students on September 20- 21, 2016. Trainings were held at the American Corner situated in the Public library named after T. Asiri in Khujand.

About 60 participants attended the training sessions and learned about budgeting, loans and how to save and spend wisely the money for their financial stability and for implementing their financial plans in the future.

One of the training sessions was on the theme "Think smart - save smart," and the trainer told about the reasonable saving of resources, including cash. During this session, participants learned about the principles of smart savings:

REUSE - To use an item more than once by refilling it, or making something else with all

or part of it.

RECYCLE - To re- process a material or product, and make it into something   else.

REPAIR  - To try and fix an item that has broken down or doesn’t work properly.

REDUCE - To cut down on the amount of material and energy you use to save money,

save resources and protect the environment.

REFUSE - To say “No” to buying a product if you don’t really need it or if it ’s bad for

people  or the environment.

 RETHINK - To think about better or more efficient ways of doing things; to think. Do I really

need this? or Can I make a better design that uses less energy and costs less?

Then the participants were divided into several  groups and within 20 minutes by using their creativity they have made a number of interesting  handmade things from a plastic bottle. The participants demonstrated their work and talked about handmade things  they created.

Participants liked the training, as they have learned a lot about budgeting and saving and were able to create handmade things from a plastic bottle, which they can use or give to someone else.

At the end of the training, they thanked the trainer and the organizers of the training, and requested to conduct such training in their schools. As the participants shared impressions about the training: "This training has positively transformed our thinking and gave impetus for smart savings and creativity."


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