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World Savings Day

Every year World Savings Day is celebrated on 31 October. According to history on October 27, 1924 representatives of savings banks from 29 countries gathered in Milan, Italy at first International Congress of Savings Banks (1st International Savings Bank Congress). On the last day of the Congress - October 31 - the idea came up "in memory of the first meeting of all savings bank institutes" to celebrate every year this day as the World Savings Day. Italian professor Ravizza (Ravizza) declared this day International savings day.

In honor of this day MicroInvest, MCF in partnership with MDO Arvand held a seminar for students of 3-year at TSU LBP, at the Department of Banking on the topic "Financial planning - the key to financial stability." More than 30 students participated in the workshop. The content of the seminar was very interesting and consisted of the following topics: 

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • The role of money in our lives
  • Consumption or investment?
  • Assets in three dimensions
  • Enemies of personal equity
  • Model of three equities
  • Savings and Savings Tools
  • What does it mean to be "financially literate"?
  • Financial plan and model behavior
  • The risks and dangers in financial sector 

Also during the seminar the students asked their questions and received answers from the trainer. At the end of the workshop students and teachers warmly thanked the trainer for another interesting seminar and asked to hold often similar seminars and workshops for students. The TV report on the workshop was broadcast on the TV channel of TSU LBP, and an article was published in the university newspaper.

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Raising public awareness about SDG 4 and NDS in Tajikistan

In the framework of the joint project of MCF MicroInvest and AEAT/ASPBAE “Raising public awareness on SDG 4 within the 17 SDGs until 2030, the National Development Strategy of Tajikistan”, in August and September 2018, three information sessions were held for people in remote areas of Sogd region.

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