3/1 I.Somoni str. Dushanbe
128 Firdavsi str, Khujand
Mo-Fr: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Vision of the Company

MicroInvest will promote Inclusive Business Models and will have more in common with a venture capital fund than a typical nonprofit. MicroInvest will be investing not only in individual low-income borrowers making less than $8/day but also in small businesses that bring positive changes in the communities -by their products and services to the poor. We will offer not just money, but also infrastructure and management expertise. From drip-irrigation systems to high quality solar lighting solutions in rural areas to a low-cost mortgage programs serving the poor and low-income in the country. We want to collect and share important case studies for entrepreneurial efforts aimed at the vastly underserved market of those making less income than $8/day.

In addition to supporting inclusive business models we will focus on placing great importance on identifying solutions from within communities rather than imposing them from the outside targeting low-income people, SMEs and other business initiatives.

In MicroInvest, we believe that Inclusive Business Models expand access to goods, services, and livelihood opportunities for low-income communities. Inclusive Business Models may involve low-income populations anywhere along a company’s value chain, including supply, production, distribution and marketing of goods and services. This generates new jobs, raises incomes, imparts technical skills and strengthens local capacity. Poor consumers can benefit from products and services that meet their needs in affordable ways. The emphasis is on “core business” rather than on philanthropy.