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Our History

The history of MCF «MicroInvest» began in 2002, within the framework of the Security and Stability Program and Regional Nutrition Program and Microfinance project of ACDI / VOCA in Ferghana Valley.

ACDI/VOCA is an economic development organization that fosters broad-based economic growth, raises living standards, and creates vibrant communities. ACDI / VOCA has established two Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in the Fergana Valley in March 2002 - MDTM in Khujand, Tajikistan and FV - MARD in Andijan, Uzbekistan. The program's goal was to provide high-quality microfinance services to this historically important and densely populated region.

In March 2002, ACDI / VOCA has completed the process of hiring and training personnel and on March 31 the first five groups in Khujand were given loans. At that time, only 12 people worked in the project. The methodology, which ACDI / VOCA have used in the development of the local organization, was based on two other ACDI / VOCA implemented successful programs in Central Asia:

In January 2003, the Centre for Development and Support of Micro -entrepreneurs (MDTM) was officially registered as a public association of the regional level in the Department of Justice of Sughd Oblast.

Later, MDTM opened sub-offices in the various districts of Sughd region. The first sub-offices were opened in Spitamen and Proletarsk of J. Rasulov district in January 2003. In August 2003, the sub-office was opened in Istaravshan. In February and December 2004, the sub-offices were opened in Buston, Mastchoh district and Isfara.

Following the adoption by the Government of Tajikistan Law "On Microfinance Organizations" in 2005, the Centre for Development and Support of Micro-entrepreneurs (MDTM) was re-registered and changed its name to Microcredit Fund "MicroInvest". ACDI / VOCA is the sole founder of MicroInvest.

Currently, the Fund focuses on the issue of loans to micro-entrepreneurs in the field of trade, services, production, processing of agricultural products and livestock.

In 2007, Microcredit Fund «MicroInvest» was assessed by the company "Microfinanza Rating", Italy and received "BBB". Also MCF «MicroInvest» received letters of gratitude from the city and regional government bodies for the support of sports and active participation in various social activities.

Over the years, MCF «MicroInvest» actively sponsored various sports and charity events, thus demonstrating social responsibility to society.

Since 2005 MCF «MicroInvest» began sponsoring an athlete- Akmal Kadyrov from Istaravshan, participant and winner of many international competitions among people with disabilities. Akmal Kadyrov is now the champion in arm-wrestling and has represented Tajikistan on a global level, winning the title of "World Champion" among people with disabilities in 2015 in Poland.

MCF «MicroInvest» for many years holds charity events and collects toys, clothing and food for the baby house in Khujand, thereby taking care of orphans and giving them joy and warmth, which they have lacked.