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Financial literacy - a confident step into the future!

Since the beginning of 2016 MCF «MicroInvest» with the support of MDO "Arvand" has conducted trainings on financial literacy for the population. The main objective of the trainings is to raise the level of financial literacy of the population through the distribution of savings culture to improve citizens' financial stability during the crisis. During the trainings, participants become familiar with the following topics:

  • family budgeting
  • savings as an airbag
  • loans and credit history

During the month of February there were conducted 4 trainings with participation of 95 people. Trainings were conducted in an interactive form and therefore were interesting for participants. All training materials have been explained by the trainer Mirpochoeva N. in a simple language for the audience. According to participants, they liked the training very much, as they received useful information, but they also learned how to make the family budget, how to plan financial goals and why it is important to save. At the end of each training session the lawyer of the organization Sadykov M. provides advice on legal issues for participants.

As noted by one of the participants of the training:

"I really liked one of the topics of the training - airbags. This topic has demonstrated that everyone can protect himself or herself from unforeseen expenses if s/he has airbags. Now, I know that I can help my family in case of unexpected expenses".

Staff of MCF MicroInvest received positive feedback from participants of the training and they are confident that financial literacy trainings will undoubtedly contribute to improving the financial literacy of the population and contribute to the sustainable development of society.