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Oratory skill is a key to career advancement!

According to an independent study conducted among employers of large companies in Europe and the United States in 2015, the oratory skill is considered to be one of the key skills among other skills both in employment and career opportunities. Ability to persuade, motivate and inspire others through oratory skill is considered as the important feature of an outstanding leader. History knows many spiritual and true leaders, whose names and speech reached through history to us - Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa. The power of their words lit the fire of hope and instilled faith in hearts of the people and they were able to persuade and to turn their enemies into friends.

In mid-January of this year there was an announcement spread via social media about the first national oratory contest among the US exchange program alumni in Tajikistan and the organizers of the contest were US Embassy in Dushanbe, Tcell, KMP and Elite magazine. There was no age limit for participation in the contest, so in order to participate the contestants should be any US exchange program alumni with fluency in English and oratory skill. As a result, casting for the selection of participants was conducted in early February by the organizers in 5 major cities in Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tube and Khorog.

Thus, to the final round of the contest 9 finalists of castings were invited and the final event took place on February 26th, 2016 at the annual conference of the US Exchange programs alumni in Dushanbe. From Khujand 3 finalists were selected from among US exchange programs alumni: Nasiba Mirpochoeva, Zarrina Gafurov and Firuzjon Sodikov.

The grand prize for 3 winners of the contest was very attractive and included: New fashionable phone Samsung A5 and wi-fi router 4G with10 GB per month for 1 year. As a result, only 3 finalists will receive the prizes but before they should prepare and make a presentation at the conference in front of the jury and 100 conference participants. But this is not all, 9 finalists must successfully complete 3 weeks of online course on public speaking and a 3-day intensive training to prepare for the final event in Dushanbe. According to the rules of the contest participants can receive or lose bonuses for completing online course assignments, participation at the intensive training, as well as the use of creativity in the final speech.

Thus, for the final competition, participants have the right to select and perform in the following categories:

  • Speech of information
  • Speech of special occasion
  • Speech of persuasion

Thus, on February 26, 2016 was held the final round of the First national oratory contest in Vefa Center in Dushanbe and 9 finalists demonstrated their public speaking skills in English before the jury and 100 conference participants.

The jury consisted of professional experts from NGOs and business sector representatives and 3 finalists from Khujand were announced as winners of the competition:

  • Nasiba Mirpochoeva in the Speech of Persuasion category
  • Sodikov Firuzdzhon in the Speech of Information category
  • Gafurova Zarrina in the Speech of Special Occasion category

Also, on the basis of points accumulated by the finalists during the project, Nasiba Mirpochoeva received the highest points and was announced "the absolute winner of the competition."

At the award ceremony the winners were awarded prizes by representatives of the US Embassy in Tajikistan, Tcell, KMP and Elite magazine. US Ambassador to the Republic of Tajikistan Ms. Elizabeth I. Millard personally handed over certificates to 9 contestants and congratulated the winners.