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Raising public awareness of SDG 4 within the framework of 17 SDGs and NDS of Tajikistan

Within the framework of the joint project of the МCF MicroInvest and ASPBAE "Raising awareness of the population on SDG4 in the framework of SDGs by 2030 as well as on National Development Strategy of Tajikistan", in March and April, 2018, 3 informational sessions were held for the population in remote areas of Sogd region.

Representatives of the district education departments, mahalla committees, activists, teachers and young people – in general about 90 people actively participated in the meetings and asked their questions about the goals of sustainable development. The meetings went well and at the end of the meetings participants were given handouts and color brochures on 17 SDGs written in the Tajik language that participants could use to disseminate information about the SDGs in their communities and to activate communities. Indeed, one of the mottos of the SDGs is the involvement of all and everyone in the implementation of the goals of sustainable development to make our world better than it is today.