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Trainings on financial literacy in the MCF "MicroInvest"

Among the17th UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until 2030 a special place is given to the elimination of poverty, well-being, quality education, gender equality, economic growth, as well as partnership in the framework of sustainable development. MCF «MicroInvest» demonstrates its social responsibility to the community and also supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by providing financial literacy trainings in order to reduce poverty among the population.

The training programs are focused on families with low income and combines aspects of economic education, development of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. The program enhances development of skills for income-generation and expense management, setting financial goals and developing financial plan, methods and opportunities for savings, as well as exploring suitable loan products.

"The microfinance development in Tajikistan, the introduction of services for the provision of financial literacy trainings for people with low income is a timely measure in the crisis periods. Trainings on financial literacy for the population allow families to control their income and expenses, as well as efficiently manage their savings. These trainings help our customers and non-customers, not only to manage the family budget, but also to plan for the future, thereby achieving financial objectives, which they have not even thought about before. It is important for us to educate the population of our region and to offer them free of charge trainings on financial literacy was financially literate. When people are trained and better informed they make smart financial decisions and become active consumers of financial services and by thus contribute to economic growth in the region. So, it is important for MFIs to build partnerships and long-term relationships with clients, and each MFI strives to achieve this. "