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Women, go ahead to learn financial literacy!

The next training on financial literacy was organized and held on March 5th by staff of MCF «MicroInvest» and was devoted to the Mother's Day in Tajikistan. The training was attended by 35 women from the city of Khujand and B. Gafurov district. These were the women who are engaged in micro-business and trade; either self-employed or engaged in breeding cattle at home, but each of them is primarily a mother of a family and a homemaker.

During the training, they learned about the tools and methods of how to make the family budget and make savings. These themes are important and every family needs to know about them, especially in times of crisis in order to protect a family from excessive expenses and losses.

The participants also learned about “Savings” and “the airbag” during the training and how to save smart and accumulate money for the family to reach future goals. After all, the persistence in achieving each goal is a guarantee for man’s success, and in the long run everyone can save up enough money by making small savings on a daily or monthly basis.

At the end of the training participants thanked the organizers of the training and shared their financial goals and plans for the future. The attendees shared that they will certainly benefit from the knowledge gained during the training, and will teach their own family members to save and make the family budget!