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Zayniddinov Nozimjon

Customer Profile: 60 years old, married, has 3 children and grandchildren.

Business: Cattle-farming

Since childhood Nozimdzhon loved animals and dreamed of building his farm. This dream has never left him, even when he got married and had a family of his own. According to him, a male is a breadwinner in the family, his duty is to provide for the family and, therefore, any man should look for an additional source of income to feed a family. Since Nozimjon had a strong character and determination, initially the idea of the farm buildings was a fascinating hobby, but later became an additional source of income for him, and he began to breed sheep and goats, and gradually expanded the herd of sheep and cattle and started to breed horses.

Today, his farm is one of the largest and most enviable in the area and he proudly displays his farm to his friends and guests. Nozimjon does not intend to stop there, and wants to expand the territory of his farm. Seeing his hard work, his family is very supportive and helps him in all his affairs.

Nozimjon believes that for start-ups family support is very necessary and important. Seeing his determination and strong business plan MCF «MicroInvest» approved his loan for creating a farm and his big farm has now become his real and profitable business.