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Message from the Director of MCF "Microinvest"

We are for Inclusive Business!

Many companies are now actively looking for ways to become more active, innovative and adaptable to local and global changes. Taking into account the development of entrepreneurship, we must not forget that the great potential for business development lies where it is not usually sought out - among vulnerable segments of the population with low incomes and thereby contribute to poverty reduction. This concept is called "Inclusive Business", and the interest of experts and international organizations is steadily growing to Inclusive Business.

For example, the UN report "Ensuring Sustainable Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerability and Building Viability" for 2014 states that 2.2 billion people live on or near the poverty line. The World Bank estimates that in 2015, 12 percent of the world's inhabitants live in poverty; Almost a billion people live on less than $ 1.25 a day. More than a billion people in the world do not have access to clean water, 1.6 billion (by 2015 - 1.4) - to electricity and 5.4 - to the Internet; 2.5 billion people do not have accounts in financial institutions.

Nevertheless, the existing potential of the poor in the sphere of consumption, production, innovation and entrepreneurial activity is practically not used.

It is worth noting that Inclusive Business is not charity, even if the goal is to reduce poverty. But, as the name implies, Inclusive (involving) Business means creating opportunities for success, which are accessible to all members of society.

Thus, inclusive business models allow all parties involved to gain mutual benefit. Such synergies between the public and private sectors and the population lead to a number of outcomes, such as sustainable solutions to problems, innovation, competitive advantage, better reputation, a solid market share and much more.

We are at MCF MicroInvest for Inclusive Business and are already taking the first steps in building an inclusive inclusive (involving) business means creating opportunities for success, which are accessible to all members of society business model involving a vulnerable population with low incomes!


Malikov Jomi Narzulloevich
Director of the Microcredit Fund "MicroInvest"