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Arvand and MicroInvest: Excellent results during “Global Money Week - 2016!”

Global Money Week is a global campaign to raise awareness about finances among children and youth, this event has been supported by some prominent leaders and organizations around the world, including the UN Secretary General - Ban Ki-moon.

The purpose of this week is to educate children and youth on financial literacy through interactive and fun activities to raise awareness and give young people the opportunity and tools to determine their own future.

This year Global Money Week was held from 14th to 20th of March throughout the world. MDO "Arvand" and MCF «MicroInvest» actively participated in this week and together held 6 events covering 195 people in just one week, which is almost twice more than the data in 2015. Thus, summing up the week, we are proud to celebrate our achievements together:

  • training sessions on financial literacy for high school students of two prestigious schools of Khujand - 92 people attended;
  • trainings on financial literacy for students of two universities - TSU LBP and TSUC - 78 people attended;
  • training sessions on financial literacy in B. Gafurov district, covering 25 people rural girls and women.

The organizers of the event received a lot of positive feedback from participants of the events, including thank you notes from the administration of universities and high schools. All these testifies to the fact that the team of trainers of MCF MicroInvest and MDO Arvand have achieved good results by involving youth to celebrate the Global Money Week, which contributed to raising awareness of the participants on financial literacy.

Here is some feedback from our participants:

"Thank you for the interesting training, which has helped me in expanding my horizons and I am glad I participated in the Global Money Week and received a certificate. It would be great to organize similar trainings as often as possible. "


"I like to participate in the Global Money Week, as this initiative is aimed at improving children and youth financial literacy, and it is really important for their future. I thank the organizers of the training as I have learned a lot of interesting and useful information on how to make smart savings. "

MDO "Arvand" and MCF «MicroInvest» are glad with the results they achieved together and intend to continue the celebration of the Global Money Week and raising awareness on financial literacy among population of the country.